Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Book It!

One of the lovely ladies in a Yahoo group to which I belong is running for 2017 a "Book It" Challenge.  You need to make a project from a book or magazine or pattern which you already owned for a few years and have never gotten around to using.  Alternatively, it can be something from a book that you have already started, which is what I am doing.

OK - so I took out my first intended project for the Book It Challenge, from my long list [copious amounts of UFO projects].....

Upon pulling this project out - I had to deal with a dust cloud that had been sitting on top of the ziploc bag, several sneezes later, I could then open up the book to remember which of the two Michele Hill patterns/books I had been working from/on.

"Poppy" table runner (67" x 41") with many detailed flowers and leaves.  The pattern comes from the book More William Morris by Michele Hill - pub C&T 2012.

What I have found is:  all fabrics, all shapes traced onto vliesofix and fused to the flower and leaf fabrics, but not cut out.

In my notebook - dates say this project was started around October 2013.

And then........

From the same book - More William Morris,  I have also started "Summer Stroll" a stunning children's quilt design, made as a row by row.

Three of the five rows have been completely fused on and are waiting for stitching.  the other two rows are shapes, drawn onto vliesofix and fused to the fabrics, waiting for cutting out and sticking to their background pieces.

My notebook tells me that "Summer Stroll" was started in February 2013 as part of a monthly class.
First things first - I will work on "Poppy".  One project at a time!  Seriously, who am I kidding??

PS:  Please excuse the odd sized font - I have tried a few times to make it all the same, but to no avail.


Jo said...

Well HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU. How is everything going. How is your dad... have you moved yet....

Meloney said...

That is beautiful!!!!!

Jindi's Cottage said...

One project at a time....soooo funny...the difference of course being you'll actually finish something! Happy New Year ! xx

elliek said...

Like the look of your second quilt. As mentioned... one project at a time! We are all the same, have to have at least 6 on the go at the same time. Happy new year anyway and I am sure you will manage all your projects.